2009 is a Very Good Year for “Wine and Cigarettes”

2009 is a Very Good Year for “Wine and Cigarettes”

Susan Elizabeth, An Exciting, New Talent!

by Turbo for EC Xine

There are no overnight successes. Every great musical artist spends
years, even decades honing their crafts. Like fine wine time and tide
can allow an artist a full bodied flavor and expression. Such is the
case of Susan Elizabeth.

Her style is essentially pop, while she segues into folk and
electronic. Disillusioned by the artistic confines of her former band
Paige 23, Susan has set out to follow her heartfelt, internal muse as
a solo artist. Though Paige 23 had it’s perks, Susan needed more self
expression and personal, spiritual exploration.

Susan Elizabeth released her first album, “Let Yourself Fall” with
former band Paige 23 in 2002 with ACM Records. Songs from “Let
Yourself Fall” appeared in such shows as Ed and Medium (NBC). Her song
“Run Run (Too Far From Me)” won Susan a college scholarship in 1996.
In 2005 “In Retrospect” followed on an independent label.

Since Paige 23, Susan Elizabeth has taken up her own path. This
declaration allowed Susan to heighten her personal choices and take
the reigns of her own music career.

Her new CD “Wine and Cigarettes” is an allegorical study of her
experiences both personal and spiritual. From her painful, dramatic
divorce through her renunciation of her Catholic origins being reborn
again as a Buddhist allowing her to discover her spiritual heart.
Other songs reveal her new fiance in which she found, lost then found

Her style has been compared to Alanis Morissette but Susan Elizabeth
is softer,  expressing more feminine honesty, as opposed to Morisette’s
scorned bitterness. Susan Elizabeth has an exquisite voice merging the
deep, artsy touches of Aimie Mann, the emotive depth of Joni Mitchell
and the playful, humanistic observations of Suzanne Vega.

Susan Elizabeth is a voice of a younger, post, post feminist
generation. Her lyrical colors and musical depth drive her far beyond
the vapid, Bush era songstresses who insisted on playing stupid.
Susan Elizabeth reclaims intelligent feminism
with unapologetic, female vulnerability.

There is always a bright side in Susan’s songs, after every storm the
rainbow emerges victorious. Susan Elizabeth’s gift of spiritual and
emotional resurrection comes across in all of her songs. “Reinventing
Sara.” T is a beautiful song dealing with the revelation of love’s
deeper meanings.

Her song “Peace” tells us more about her finding Buddhism last summer.
To me Susan Elizabeth had a spiritual awakening. She was raised a
Roman Catholic and then began to really think about finding her proper
spiritual place within this world. Spirituality and religion are not
the same thing. Seeing her spiritual path, she clearly found her way
in Buddhism. “Peace” is dedicated to Buddha and her spiritual guide
Arya Tara.

“The Excitement Before” examines fantasy and infatuation and how they
lead us mortals through the chase of the illusion. Fantasy is ever
more potent as it anticipates the reality of the actual catch.

“Wine and Cigarettes” is Susan’s autobiographical soundtrack. The honey of her mesmerizing voice will touch your heart and allow you to identify what it means to live your life, to fall, to explore, to look darkness in the face walk through fears courageously.

The payoff comes with the brightness of Susan Elizabeth’s delightful optimism and refusal to accept mediocrity.  “Wine and Cigarettes” is a finely
crafted, classic, good album destined to put Susan Elizabeth on the
star map of spectacular musical artists.

Susan Elizabeth makes 2009 a Very Good Year for "Wne and Cigarettes"

Susan Elizabeth makes 2009 a Very Good Year for "Wne and Cigarettes"

For more information on Susan Elizabeth please visit:


Upcoming Shows

May 15 2009     8:00P
The Mean Fiddler     New York, New York

Jun 13 2009     8:00P
Charles Park     Howard Beach, New York

06/27/2009 08:00 PM – The Perch Cafe
365 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY | 718-788-2830
Brooklyn, New York 11215


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